Newquay Rifle & Pistol Club History

The club was formed in the 1970’s when members got together and erected a sectional concrete building with an asbestos roof on this site. This building served the members until 1990 when an Atlantic storm partially demolished the shooting section. This proved quite fortuitous as the damaged section was rebuilt in more substantial block. The asbestos roof was however, reinstated. The rebuilt range remained in use until 2004 when the Sports Centre embarked on a major redevelopment of the site sponsored by Sport England. This required the demolition of the club range and provided for a slightly relocated, brand new, modern range with a concrete roof.

This was a great facility but little did the members know that it would be a full 5 years from the original demolition date before they would be able to fire a shot on their new range.

The problem was the withdrawal of the MOD from the range certification process. The Government made no alternative arrangements for another body to take on this procedure. It wasn’t until 2008 that the NRA, jointly with the NRSA succeeded in getting the necessary clearance from the Government to issue range safety certificates.

The resulting range inspection carried out and finally, on 29th August 2009, five years and three months after the demolition of the old range, members fired the first shots on their new range.